A Documentary on Battling Addiction's Powerful Pull

A Documentary on Battling Addiction's Powerful Pull
Claiming that addiction is America's most underfinanced public health problem, the director, Greg Williams, blames a criminal justice system that chooses incarceration over treatment; a news media that revels in drug-fueled celebrity meltdowns while …
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Cinema Chat: 'Tim's Vermeer,' 'Veronica Mars,' 'Need for Speed' and more at
“The Anonymous People” is a feature documentary film about the over 23 million Americans living in long-term recovery from alcohol and other drug addiction. Deeply entrenched social stigma has kept recovery voices silent and faces hidden for decades.
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Deep inside Baz Luhrmann's creative chaos
But each has attempted something new: a dance movie (Strictly Ballroom), a screenplay entirely in Elizabethan English (William Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet), a musical (Moulin Rouge) and so on. … His 2008 film Australia — a sprawling World War II …
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Novel's 50-year overnight success
WITH American states lining up to loosen their marijuana laws, it might seem high time for a novel exploring addiction to the drug. Also in this section. When Keynes met Dev · The dark side of family · Oliver Jeffers: Melancholoy and Joy in six books …
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