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What Sort of Behaviour Patterns Can Indicate Problems Such as Substance Abuse?

...  by Gem Lou: What sort of behaviour patterns can indicate problems such as substance abuse? Any links to relevant web sites would be gratefully received. Can I just point out this is for education studies not anybody I know or myself, Many thanks This is aimed at primary… Continue reading

Why Cant Drug Addiction Programs Reduce Drug Abuse?

Question by zach m: Why cant drug addiction programs reduce drug abuse? I have to do a health debate on why drug addiction programs cant reduce drug abuse. any ideals Best answer: Answer by rhonda ki have dealt with people addicted my whole life and the stuff i have seen… Continue reading

Servants of God Can Tackle Drug Problem?

Servants of God can tackle drug problem? Clarence Lee, 43, was a guest at Crossroads Christian Center as part of its weekly Invade youth ministry. … A drug court also recently was established to place more emphasis on treatment instead of jail for some lower level narcotics users and dealers.… Continue reading

Some Students Don't See ADHD Drug Use as Cheating

...  students don't see ADHD drug use as cheating But many others have not yet acknowledged the growing use of these stimulant medications on their campuses, said Sean Esteban McCabe, a research associate professor at the University of Michigan Substance Abuse Research Center. Students in the poll … Read more… Continue reading

Prescription Drug Addiction?

Question by Joe: Prescription Drug Addiction? I think that I might have a prescription drug addiction. Please Help!!! Best answer: Answer by busylady0615well, it depends on what it is. if it is a painkiller (probably, those are the most addictive) then you should go to your dr. let them know… Continue reading

What Is the Percentage of Drug Abuse in Teenagers to Adults?

Question by Kami: What is the percentage of drug abuse in teenagers to adults? Is the percentage of teenagers who do grugs more or less than adults? is what the question asks.. Best answer: Answer by bmacAddicts start using in their teens. It’s very rare that an adult starts using… Continue reading