What Is the Percentage of Drug Abuse in Teenagers to Adults?

Question by Kami: What is the percentage of drug abuse in teenagers to adults?
Is the percentage of teenagers who do grugs more or less than adults? is what the question asks..

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Answer by bmac
Addicts start using in their teens. It’s very rare that an adult starts using drugs only after becoming an adult. A lot of teens stop using when they are getting ready to hit college because they don’t want to get into trouble or have to be tested for a job and have a dirty urine, so they quit and they quit for good. The true addict, though…could care less and will do anything to find a way to continue using…even if it means the loss of a job, home, family and friends.

Answer by Doc
Define “Drugs.” Caffeine, alcohol, tobacco (nicotine), those too are all drugs and they are commonly “abused.”

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