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Recovering Cocaine Addiction?

...  by : Recovering cocaine addiction? Im a recovering cocaine addict I have been 2 months. My current girlfriend knows about my addiction and has been totally understanding of my recovery. The cravings are still there so how can i get rid of them? Best answer: Answer by jimhey… Continue reading


Question by Maddie: Books?????????????????????????????????????????? I am a really advanced reader, or so they tell me. I need really interesting books that are also way above my grade level, any really good books for a grade above 7th? Its like a health thing, I need them, I’m addicted. I’ve already read… Continue reading

Cocaine Addiction?

...  by Pockets: Cocaine Addiction? I live in LA california. I go to meetings and have a sponcer the whole nine yards. I have some friends that do cocaine and their behavior is getting out of controle. Their stealing, lying, getting more aggressive because they need a fix. I… Continue reading

What Is Addiction? and Where Can You Get Help in California?

Question by eros_gary: What is addiction? and where can you get help in California? Best answer: Answer by mgaribay74Summary People who are addicted cannot control their need for alcohol or other drugs, even in the face of negative health, social or legal consequences. The illness becomes harder to treat and… Continue reading

How Can I Stop Cocaine Use?

Question by sebatian w: how can i stop cocaine use? I am 25 year old male in florida i spend about $ 1,000.00 evry two weeks i need help Best answer: Answer by ?~???~?®First of all, you need to go to a licensed detox and rehabilitation center. The most important… Continue reading

On the Front Lines of Addiction

...  the Front lines of Addiction Individuals struggling with opiate abuse need a continuum of available treatment options including individual and group counseling, physician-directed, medication-assisted treatment that utilized opiate-replacement therapy, residential treatment and … Read more on Rutland Herald  Cocaine Addiction May Become A Thing Of The Past With… Continue reading