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Alcoholic/Diabetic Mother – Anyway to Legally Force Her to Rehab?

Question by jezabelm923: Alcoholic/Diabetic Mother – Anyway to legally force her to rehab? My mother is an alcoholic. I started to notice it when I was about 8 years old. I am 23 now. She wasn’t as bad as she is today. She drinks herself into a stupor at least… Continue reading

Who Has Gone to Drug Rehab and Really Changed?

...  by Elizabeth: Who has gone to drug rehab and really changed? I want to know how many people out there have went willingly or forced into a drug treatment center and really made a positive change. I left my fiance about 3 weeks ago and a few days after… Continue reading

Second Danciu Twin Also Spared From Prison for FM Locker Room Thefts

Second Danciu twin also spared from prison for FM locker room thefts He made the same objection last week, when the judge sentenced sister Camile to drug rehab, as well. In Camile's case, she was sentenced to the so-called Willard treatment program, another intensive corrections program for drug addicts. Camile… Continue reading

Your Drug by Special Case

your drug by special case – original song most credit for lyrics goes to Idaho.   Phil Haslanger: Noah, 'Dead Man' and the line between justice and mercy At the beginning of April, the Pew Research Center reported that Americans across the political spectrum are shifting toward treatment rather than… Continue reading


...  –   Watertown man faces up to 3 years in prison for shoplifting Judge Kim H. Martusewicz will mandate that he serve his sentence in the prison system's Willard Drug Treatment Program. If he completes the 90-day program, he will serve the remainder of his sentence under parole supervision.… Continue reading

Are There Free Drug Rehab Facilities/programs in Georgia?

Question by holli08: Are there free drug rehab facilities/programs in Georgia? My dad seems to be addicted to Xanax. He is currently in jail for a couple of things that happened last week after taking 12 Xanax in a day (we believe). I believe that he is probably taking other… Continue reading