Who Has Gone to Drug Rehab and Really Changed?

Question by Elizabeth: Who has gone to drug rehab and really changed?
I want to know how many people out there have went willingly or forced into a drug treatment center and really made a positive change.
I left my fiance about 3 weeks ago and a few days after he got into an accident. he was charged with a DUI and child services took the kids he had custody of. he checked into a facility that is only 2 weeks long. he says he is commited to changing his life, thats wonderful but i have heard it a million times, however this is the first time he has been at an in patient rehab, he is 38 and been doing hard drugs and lots of them for 20 years. I just think he needs more than two weeks. i am pushing him to go to sober living for 6 months but he wants me to move back in and get moving on his life with his family. Hey i want that too, but its just not that easy!! What do you think? does anyone know the statistics on rehab centers?

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Answer by [email protected]
i believe him. many drug addicts truly do want to stop the habit.

the only problem is that the addiction is to strong and they cant easily fight it, so they continue to use.

my dad used to abuse coke. he hasnt used for almost 5 years now, started his own business, and is doing well for himself. he never had to go to rehab or drug classes.

so in short, if the desire to change is strong enough, he can and will change his habits. he may need a little help though.

Answer by poocansam000
the only way he will stop or change is if he want to. they give you all the info and everything you need to change but if you dont want to you wont.
i was in rehab for 7 months and i picked up smoking cuz i didnt care to stop. but you can, but it will be hard for him and you need to be supportive and help best you can.

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