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Campaign to Stop Drug Babies Bill Came Too Late

Campaign to stop drug babies bill came too late But as noisy as it was — and as much as the doctors and nurses who treat babies born to drug-addicted mothers seemed united in the view that the law was a terrible idea — the outrage came too late. It… Continue reading

From Draft Bust to Ministry and Motivational Speaking: The Redemption of

From draft bust to ministry and motivational speaking: The redemption of … He was better known for the problems he created because of his addiction to drugs and alcohol. In 2003 he was suspended for four games by the NFL for violating the league's substance-abuse policy. While he was serving… Continue reading

Some Students Don't See ADHD Drug Use as Cheating

Some students don't see ADHD drug use as cheating But many others have not yet acknowledged the growing use of these stimulant medications on their campuses, said Sean Esteban McCabe, a research associate professor at the University of Michigan Substance Abuse Research Center. Students in the poll … Read more… Continue reading

Minnesota Senate Panel Approves Medical Marijuana

Minnesota Senate panel approves medical marijuana Those patients would receive a card enabling them to buy medicinal marijuana from approved alternative treatment centers, which would grow the pot. Sen. Scott Dibble, DFL-Minneapolis, the bill's sponsor, tightened the legislation by specifying only … Read more on CT Post  Advocates seek… Continue reading

The Physical and Emotional Affects of Drug Addiction?

Question by runeknight94: The Physical and Emotional Affects of Drug Addiction? i have to do a report on this and i was wondering before i start on this section of the report if you could give me any helpful websites or advice or anything thats really helpful thanks…. Best answer:… Continue reading


Question by danielle_wears_prada: addiction? I have been smoking weed for 5 years now, recently I have been re evaluating my situation and I feel now is the time to give up my vices. I have dealt with hell these past 5 years and I used weed as an outlet, it… Continue reading