Ok Here Is a Question That I Need Some Help With…. My Dad Is Abusing Prescription Drugs…?

Question by Justin’s Wife of 10 Years!!: Ok here is a question that I need some help with…. my dad is abusing prescription drugs…?
he sees several (I do not know exactly how many) doctors and gets different prescriptions from each of them, they are a mixture of sleeping pills, anti depression pills, muscle relaxers, pain killers, moriphine, and probaly a whole lot more than I know of. He mixes these pills with whiskey. He also does not take the dosage the doctor gave him, but 2-3 doses at a time, and 2-3 doses later that day and so on. He can’t remember where he is, what he is doing, he mumbles weird stuff, and it is getting very hard to continue living in this arrangement. ( He lives with me and my husband and our child due to a financial hardship, my mom and brother also live with us) My question is .. who do I contact to maybe get him some professional help… we live in AZ. He is 62ish, and I am afraid that he will one day OD.
Yes my mom has seen it, but unfortunately she is afraid of him, because he can sometimes become violent, not like physically but with his words. I did forget to mention that on July 3 I have an appointment with his doctor, and I intend to address these issues with him, but I guess I worded my question wrong, (since it is so late at night).. can I have him put somewhere that will monitor his medicine intake? I can guarantee he will not go willingly.

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Answer by Margie M
Does your mother see any of this? Hasn’t his insurance company questioned all the medication he is taking? I am suprised that he is given morphine as it is a VERY controlled substance and is almost never given out as a prescription.

You need to get your father out of your house and away f rom your child. What if your child gets hold of the pills or wiskey?! Call his Primary family doctor and tell him what you have stated here. He is responsible for some of this mess and he needs to be responsible for straightening it out before your father kills himself or someone in your family. Your mother also needs to step up and do something about this. Also, has anyone approached your father about what he’s doing? How about taking all the medication and wiskey away from him when he’s passed out or asleep?

Answer by slmw38
the thing is unless he wants help there’s nothing to DO but prepare yourself. my sister was same way and did accidentally OD. try to talk to him, but ultimately it will be his decision.

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