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What Websites Are There That Help People With Marijuana Addiction?

Question by :P: What websites are there that help people with Marijuana Addiction?

wow you guys are no help…

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Answer by TheAcaciaStrain
theres no such thing, just dont smoke so much

Answer by panjshir Lion
Yeah but they get baked and get distracted watching You tube .. lol… Continue reading

What Sort of Behaviour Patterns Can Indicate Problems Such as Substance Abuse?

Question by Gem Lou: What sort of behaviour patterns can indicate problems such as substance abuse?
Any links to relevant web sites would be gratefully received. Can I just point out this is for education studies not anybody I know or myself, Many thanks
This is aimed at primary… Continue reading

COMPLETE COVERAGE: National Prescription Drug Abuse Summit

COMPLETE COVERAGE: National Prescription Drug Abuse Summit
ATLANTA, Ga. (WYMT)- Below you will find complete coverage of the National Prescription Drug Abuse Summit. WYMT's Tanner Hesterberg and Matthew Rand are at the summit and will bring you coverage of the event.
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'Take Back Day' to… Continue reading

Tennessee Passes Legislation to Criminally Prosecute DrugAddicted Pregnant

Tennessee Passes Legislation to Criminally Prosecute DrugAddicted Pregnant
Tennessee's legislature gave its approval a bill that would criminalize some drug-addicted pregnant women, depending on the outcome of their pregnancy. The bill, if signed into law, would allow prosecutors to charge a woman with an "assaultive offense …… Continue reading

Drug Abuse Recovery Please Help Need Info?

Question by Nick: Drug abuse recovery please help need info?
I did meth once a week for 4 months, probably like 15 times (probably totalling 1.5 gram smoked or snorted in 4 months), three and a half months ago. Did i do irraversable Damage? because I don’t feel my normal… Continue reading

What Resources Are Available Tp Drug Addict to Help Him or Her Begin Recovery From a Drug Addiction?

Question by : what resources are available tp drug addict to help him or her begin recovery from a drug addiction?

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Answer by Bolt
Call your local health deparment and ask. Most larger communities have some kind of program. Alternatively, talk to your doctor about in-patient care facilities.… Continue reading