What Resources Are Available Tp Drug Addict to Help Him or Her Begin Recovery From a Drug Addiction?

Question by : what resources are available tp drug addict to help him or her begin recovery from a drug addiction?

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Answer by Bolt
Call your local health deparment and ask. Most larger communities have some kind of program. Alternatively, talk to your doctor about in-patient care facilities.

Answer by Pernell

It is a must that anyone who is using any substance has to have an assessment. It will determine the depth and strength of the abuse.

This will look into how the drug or alcohol is impacting the life of the addict. Treatment is then determined after the screening and assessment.

In a rehab center, there are several different kinds of treatment available.

1. Intensive Outpatient

2. Outpatient

3. Inpatient Treatment

4. Therapeutic Communities

These are just a few of the programs that are available. As we go through the many different substances that a person can be addicted to.

You will see that there are many different types of treatment. The staples are the ones I just mentioned and they are used extensively………

There are medications that can curb or interrupt abusing behavior. Let’s take a quick look at what’s available.

DISULFIRAM (Antabuse): This is used for alcohol dependence/abuse. It is designed to provide users with aversive and unpleasant effects when drinking alcohol.

The drug antabuse’s goal is alcohol avoidance based on the fear of experiencing the unpleasant effects.

NALTREONE (Revia): This drug is also used to curb alcohol drinking. It has been noted that after taking the drug, the frequency of drinking is reduced and the likelihood of relapse is reduced.

ACAMPROSATE (Campral): This drug like Naltreone is used to reduce drinking. These medications are still under review although they have shown to have fair results.

METHADONE: The government has approved this medication to curb opiate (heroin addiction). Opiate users can be addicted to illicit (street) drugs or prescription drugs (such as vicodin or oxycontin).

Opiate users at some point become physically dependent and continue to use to avoid withdrawal. Withdrawal while it is not life threatening, it is unpleasant.

LEVO-ALPHO ACETYL METHADOL (LAAM): This drug is an alternative to methadone which is primarily used as a replacement therapy for opiate drugs.

This drug sometimes preferred over methadone because it requires less frequent dosing, allowing for fewer clinic visits.

BUPRENORPHINE: This is an office based treatment similar to methadone. This medication comes in sublingual tablets and can be self-administered

Many users being treated with buprenorphine report better results and less failures even with previous failure on methadone.

This is not meant to be a diagnosis only suggestions. these suggestions cover many areas of addiction according to the substance a person is addicted to. There are more resources available but I would also suggest that you consult with an addiction counselor or ASAM physician.

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