Why Cant Drug Addiction Programs Reduce Drug Abuse?

Question by zach m: Why cant drug addiction programs reduce drug abuse?
I have to do a health debate on why drug addiction programs cant reduce drug abuse. any ideals

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Answer by rhonda k
i have dealt with people addicted my whole life and the stuff i have seen and blessed me to never get into drugs i am actually scared to dealth of them!!

well the drug addiction around is gettin very bad..aslot of people start taking pain killers like maybe a doctor will start someone on a lower pain killer like vicodin and sometimes wat happens is the person is finished getting them from their doctor and then they begin getting them on the street s then the lower pill doesnt work anymore so they go higher to maybe percocet or even oxycoton….and then the next thing u know they have to take what they can find and it leads to even herion,but there are alot more ways also that they end up taking them thats just one of many different ways

ok about drug treatment,a person has to goto one really wanting too! cause in cases of someone hooked on oxycotton,methadone,percocets if they have been taking them faithfully they will get dope sick which raises heart rate and blood pressure and CAN be fatal in some cases,but you have to go in really wanting to safely get off and be done and thats only up to the person if u go in wanting it cause u want it it can be very successfull

but alot of people just go because they are couret ordered and are just doing it so they dont have to return to jail and those people ususally are still taking the drug and just finding ways so they dont give a dirty urine and some others are doing it because chil social services are making a parent do it so that person can have their kids back and those are the people that arent doing it because they are tired of it and want to quit they are going in because they are being told to

and another thing is like i said b4 the drug addiction around is growing and growing and in a few cases its jus a bunch of people thrown in mixed with the ones that want it and the ones that are only there because they are being told they have too and theres really no pin pointing anyone like really not enough counslors to give the one on one to the ones that really want it and alot of their time is being wasted on the ones that are only there cause they were made to … and it takes away from the ones that are there cause they walked in there wanting it and tired of it …cause some of the herion,oxycotton users really do have to come off safely because it can be in some cases fatal and dangerous…and maybe some are just on cocain and crack,meth which those u really dont get what u call dope sick off of…

but it is hard but the real success is real in the people that are walking in there because they want it,want to change,tired of the drugs…thats where they do succeed…they donot succeed in the ones that arent walking in there because they want it ..they walking in because theres a judge making them or a social worker or a husband threatning to leave a wife if dont go..or the other way around

the success is going to the few that are tired of depending on the drugs and want to quit because they want to not because of some system saying they have to or a reletive,spouse saying go or else….thats not goig to be a success…and theres alot of people that dont want to and theres prolly fewer that do want to …

well i hope that gave u some good info

Answer by Tacoma
Drug addiction is basically a personal issue. Failure to programs can be directly linked to each individual’s desire to ‘want to get well”. Sadly many people only want a quick “relief” rather than the long term solution.

When you get involved in this sort of thing you have to look at the addict and what it may take to get them to a point where they are willing to do anything to get better. Sadly for tha vast majority they are just looking to “Stop this pain” or “Get out of trouble”. They need to be honest and see their value and begin to address issues that lead them to want to pursue self destructive behaviors.

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