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Drug Rehab Centre??

Question by ok go: Drug rehab centre??
I know that opening a Drub Rehab centre is good because addict people can be hopefully cured there…
but does it have any disadvantage???…like…affects on the poeple around…or…the houses prices going down??
any thing??
thanky ou

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Answer by c0ns0l3_guy
Crime could… Continue reading

Minnesota Senate Panel Approves Medical Marijuana

Minnesota Senate panel approves medical marijuana
Those patients would receive a card enabling them to buy medicinal marijuana from approved alternative treatment centers, which would grow the pot. Sen. Scott Dibble, DFL-Minneapolis, the bill's sponsor, tightened the legislation by specifying only …
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Advocates seek… Continue reading

New Best Drug Rehabilitation Blog Post Looks at the Different Phases of

New Best Drug Rehabilitation Blog Post Looks at the Different Phases of
Best Drug Rehabilitation, which offers treatment programs and believes that having family close by during a stay in rehab can make a big difference in whether or not the process is successful, is focusing on the different… Continue reading

IL Drug Rehab Centers – Free?

Question by FLFB: IL Drug Rehab Centers – Free?
Near chicago or the surrounding suburbs.

I need to find information on a place my husband can get into for free. We do not have the money to pay for the help. its nearly $ 6K. and he does not have… Continue reading

What Are the Different Kinds of Drug Treatment Programs?

Question by dolores df: What are the different kinds of drug treatment programs?
I would just like to know what they’re called. Just out of curiosity, that is.

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Answer by blair *
Well, it really depends upon the drug rehab or treatment center. I guess you’d have to… Continue reading

Any Suggestions on Good and Affordable Inpatient Drug Rehab Facilities?

Question by hrnyplygrl: Any suggestions on good and affordable inpatient drug rehab facilities?
I live in cupertino, ca (bay area) and I’m just wondering if anyone knows and good inpatient centers to go to. I partly want to do this for myself but the other part is for court. I’m… Continue reading