Drug Rehab Centre??

Question by ok go: Drug rehab centre??
I know that opening a Drub Rehab centre is good because addict people can be hopefully cured there…
but does it have any disadvantage???…like…affects on the poeple around…or…the houses prices going down??
any thing??
thanky ou

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Answer by c0ns0l3_guy
Crime could increase in the surrounding area. My mother in law works at a drug-rehab clinic in an affluent area of my city. She says that petty theft and vandalism have increased.

I wouldn’t want to live near a drug-rehab clinic so I assume it must push the prices of housing down.

Answer by oldhippypaul
A well run rehab center will have no more effect on a neighborhood than a doctors office. However, often people in the area get excited and panic about a center being build and that can cause property values to fall for a time. If you are looking to buy it is a good time. If you are living there just wait until the center is established and running for awhile and values will return to normal.

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