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Novi Judge Denies Conflict Over Ties to Testing Firms

...  judge denies conflict over ties to testing firms Most courts now use drug testing and interlocks, but MacKenzie is well-known for his extensive bond and probation requirements — beyond what many judges order, although no one tracks those requirements among judges in Michigan. “He's very committed … Read more on… Continue reading

Brian Dickerson: Fewer Prisons – and Yet, Less Crime

...  Dickerson: Fewer prisons – and yet, less crime Americans are weary of paying for prisons. After stuffing more and more people behind bars for more than two decades, the vast majority of states, including Michigan, have taken steps in recent years to reduce both the number of people they… Continue reading

Michigan Senate Approves Welfare Drug Testing Bill

...  state Sen. Rick Jones (R-Grand Ledge). "They receive welfare money but they don't spend it on their children. Read more on  As Colorado legalizes recreational marijuana, hopes soar in other states Kennedy, known for championing wider access to mental health care, but also for his history of… Continue reading

Chit-Chat Time With Isa! Questions, New MMO Addiction ?

  Chit-Chat time with Isa! Questions, New MMO addiction ? – INTRO made by: Want to do an intro? [email protected] If you enjoyed, let me know by leaving a thumbs up. ? Subscribe…   Daniel Radcliffe: I'm the happiest I've ever been Filed under: addiction help chat By series… Continue reading

Profiling When Returning Home to the USA From Canada?

Question by Hey Steve: Profiling when returning home to the USA from Canada? I am a young adult male, 30 years old. At the beginning of this year, my employer relocated me to a suburb of metropolitan Detroit, MI. When I applied for a Michigan Driver’s License, I got an… Continue reading

Detox Simi Valley | Addiction Treatment Simi Valley | Detox Simi Valley

...  Detox Simi Valley (805) 203-9069 to Get Help Now! We offer the best drug rehab, alcohol rehab facilities and drug de…   Shutdown showdown: White House orders federal agencies to shut down Filed under: Detroit Drug Treatment WASHINGTON — The White House budget office late Monday directed federal agencies… Continue reading