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How Come Medicines Are Needed for Drug Addiction Treatment?

Question by clara ic: How come medicines are needed for drug addiction treatment? I don’t really get what the medications are for. Best answer: Answer by citlaly aIn a nutshell, medications help a lot in drug addiction treatment. They help in suppressing withdrawal symptoms. Having symptoms of withdrawal is mainly… Continue reading

Is There a List of the Different Rehabilitation Centers or Medical Institutions Which Offers Drug Treatment Pr

...  by butch: Is there a list of the different rehabilitation centers or medical institutions which offers drug treatment pr I’m looking for rehab centers or hospitals which provide treatment programs for drug addicts. My father has been addicted to heroin for two years now and after a series… Continue reading

A Drug Addict’s Story Overcoming Substance Abuse – “Storyteller”

A Drug Addict’s Story Overcoming Substance Abuse – “Storyteller” – Testimonial by “a drug addict” and how she overcame her substance abuse challenges. From a CD by the people at “withoutreservations” on the internet, helping…   Despite Obamacare, a gaping hole in addiction treatment The Affordable Care Act, which promises… Continue reading

Who Has Gone to Drug Rehab and Really Changed?

Question by Elizabeth: Who has gone to drug rehab and really changed? I want to know how many people out there have went willingly or forced into a drug treatment center and really made a positive change. I left my fiance about 3 weeks ago and a few days after… Continue reading

Drug Addiction Treatment Options With PPO Insurance

Drug Addiction Treatment Options with PPO Insurance – Call the toll free phone number of 877-929-9059 to discover your options on PPO Health Insurance in regards to affordable drug treatment. Currently PPO Healt…   Public attitudes and policy toward drug addiction shift Over the last several months, state officials have… Continue reading

Second Danciu Twin Also Spared From Prison for FM Locker Room Thefts

...  Danciu twin also spared from prison for FM locker room thefts He made the same objection last week, when the judge sentenced sister Camile to drug rehab, as well. In Camile's case, she was sentenced to the so-called Willard treatment program, another intensive corrections program for drug addicts.… Continue reading