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I Have a Rare Auto Immune Diseasealled Necrotizing Crescentic Glomerurlonephritis?

Question by : I have a rare auto immune diseasealled necrotizing crescentic glomerurlonephritis? More or less its progressive kidney failure and can attack other organs. I was on the only treatment for this witch was the chemo drug Cytoxan and 30mg prednisone. Is there another way to treat this my… Continue reading

Is It Possible to Cure Drug Addiction?

...  I had it bad with Hydrocodone years ago. I was taking like 20, 500mg pills a day. It was tough! But I did it without rehab. Answer by Ariesthe best is to make a rehab. Cheo Feliciano, Debonair Salsa Singer, Dies at 78 A handsome and debonair baritone, Mr.… Continue reading

Xanax Addiction Treatment

Xanax addiction treatment – How to treat Xanax addiction | Addiction Blog There are three mains stages of Xanax …   Courier Times Community Calendar for April 14 A twelve-step self-help group for people with a dual diagnosis of mental health and substance abuse and/or addiction. Reach …. May… Continue reading

In New Economic Divide, the Poor Smoke More

...  New Economic Divide, the Poor Smoke More This growing gap in smoking rates between rich and poor is helping drive inequality in health outcomes, experts say, with, for example, white women on the lowest rungs of the economic ladder now living shorter lives. … With the national smoking rate… Continue reading

A Documentary on Battling Addiction's Powerful Pull

...  Documentary on Battling Addiction's Powerful Pull Claiming that addiction is America's most underfinanced public health problem, the director, Greg Williams, blames a criminal justice system that chooses incarceration over treatment; a news media that revels in drug-fueled celebrity meltdowns while … Read more on New York Times  Cinema Chat:… Continue reading

Does Salvia Show Up in Drug Tests?

Question by Mike: Does salvia show up in drug tests? I get tested by a rehab center for my probation who sends it to a lab. i live in ma. it’s a urine test my frend gave me some salvia will it show up? and is it still legal? Best… Continue reading