What Sort of Behaviour Patterns Can Indicate Problems Such as Substance Abuse?

Question by Gem Lou: What sort of behaviour patterns can indicate problems such as substance abuse?
Any links to relevant web sites would be gratefully received. Can I just point out this is for education studies not anybody I know or myself, Many thanks
This is aimed at primary primary and high school children, thanks

Best answer:

Answer by Shaunda W
Family: deteriorating relationships with family; behavior changes, such as withdrawal or hostility

School: truancy; drop in grades; behavior problems

Social life: deteriorating relationships with old friends; developing a network of friends who are using alcohol or other drugs; loss of interest in sports or other favorite activities

Emotional life: basic personality changes; inexplicable and sudden mood changes; apathy

Physical: memory problems, fatigue or hyper behavior; difficulty walking; sleep disturbances; red, blood-shot eyes; carelessness with grooming

Physical evidence: disappearance of beer or liquor supply; money or valuables missing; use of cigarettes; signs of drug paraphernalia; use of incense; excess money or missing money

Answer by Ken
In my experience, people adicted to drugs will steal from ANYBODY, even those quite close to them.

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