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What Resources Are Available Tp Drug Addict to Help Him or Her Begin Recovery From a Drug Addiction?

Question by : what resources are available tp drug addict to help him or her begin recovery from a drug addiction? Best answer: Answer by BoltCall your local health deparment and ask. Most larger communities have some kind of program. Alternatively, talk to your doctor about in-patient care facilities. Answer… Continue reading

Prescription Drug Addiction?

Question by Joe: Prescription Drug Addiction? I think that I might have a prescription drug addiction. Please Help!!! Best answer: Answer by busylady0615well, it depends on what it is. if it is a painkiller (probably, those are the most addictive) then you should go to your dr. let them know… Continue reading

Drug Addiction (PLEASE HELP)?

Question by : Drug Addiction (PLEASE HELP)? A little background: My sister-in-law has been battling bulimia and a meth addiction for over 8 years. She has been in at least 3 different rehabs throughout this time and nothing has worked and/or she hasn’t taken it serious. She married her drug… Continue reading

Suboxone…now What Do I Do?

Question by BaBaoooMowMow: Suboxone…now what do I do? Hello All. I feel awful stupid doing this but here goes…. I have been a member of YA since spring or so. During this time I wrote several answers to people who were caught in the throws of addiction. The irony is… Continue reading

A Drug Addict’s Story Overcoming Substance Abuse – “Storyteller”

A Drug Addict’s Story Overcoming Substance Abuse – “Storyteller” – Testimonial by “a drug addict” and how she overcame her substance abuse challenges. From a CD by the people at “withoutreservations” on the internet, helping…   Despite Obamacare, a gaping hole in addiction treatment The Affordable Care Act, which promises… Continue reading

NewsOK Log In

NewsOK Log In The eight deaths on Moore's watch, and others like them, expose troubling gaps in the state's system for combating an epidemic that has seen Oklahoma surge to near the top of national rankings for prescription drug abuse and overdose deaths. In 2012 … Read more on NewsOK.com… Continue reading