Drug Addiction (PLEASE HELP)?

Question by : Drug Addiction (PLEASE HELP)?
A little background:
My sister-in-law has been battling bulimia and a meth addiction for over 8 years. She has been in at least 3 different rehabs throughout this time and nothing has worked and/or she hasn’t taken it serious. She married her drug dealer and had a baby with him. There is a ton more information on this but I don’t want to go into extreme details on that part.

In january she relapsed horribly. She found a facility in Montana that would take her and her daughter. I guess its a program that helps a women become sober and learn to be a good parent. Which I don’t understand who would allow a child to see their mother go through rehab first hand. We were told that she was not allowed to have phone call, mail and no internet until she earned it. It has been 10 months. She has called her mom twice since she has been there. One message she left we are totally convinced it was a recording and it wasn’t actually her talking live. The next phone call was my sister-in-law explaining she had to love her mom from a far and that her phone calls and letters were messing with her recovery. Her mother has basically raised her granddaugher *Nichole (name changed from privacy)
was smoking meth, trying to commit suicide, and having sex for drugs.

I recently called the place. It’s called Carole Graham Home and it is Montana. First there is no legit website for this place, no reviews on pervisous patients, no doctor reviews. The lady wouldn’t give me information, which I get the legal part of it. But, she did tell me she is not allowed phones or mail yet. It’s been 10 months. I tried explaining to her I am more worried about the 5 year old little girl that is there and not knowing of what is going on with her. What does she think not hearing from any family. I was very close with her before all this and not having any contact with her in almost a year is killing me.

My main questions are: Have you ever heard of a rehab that you are able to have kids there? If so, what is the program like for them? Have you ever heard of a place where you had no contact with the patient for this long?

I am beginning to worry that is a cult or some sort and she is being completely brainwashed. I am about to fly out there and scope it out.
I am not the drug addict. My sister in law is there with her 5 year old daughter. I am worried about the child that is involved in this situation. What do I do? Is this a normal place?
What I am trying to find out is; if anyone has every heard of a womens rehab center that allowed you to have you child there with you. I am worried about my niece. She has been in there with her for 10 months with no contact.This place just doesn’t should legit nor safe for a 5 year old to be at. I am worried sick about her.

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Answer by lo
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Answer by kizzy..
HIYA HUN..IVE JUST READ .YR PAGE..FIRST OF ALL ITS AN ILLNESS..SHE HAS,,i no its a very bad time you and yr family..are going thorough at the moment..but the more you tell her she is a druggie the worse..they are..as it makes them feel worthless..u have to understand,,its an illness..and needs yr SUPPORT more then ever..the only thing what could help you and yr family is buy trying to take her to a hospices were..ppl through no float of they are own..and with drug abuse..are dying..and let her do some free work..there by helping to look after them..it could be a wake up call for her..my best..friend.is going through drink..problems.at the moment.shes even bn on Jermaine kayle show..i took her to were i used to work..and she is helping out there 2days week and has not had drink 4,./8weeks now..but she will have this illness 4/life..i hope and pray 4..you and all yr family if you ever need CHAT..just yourself plz don’t 4get im here 4u xxxxxxxxxx ps my dad died of ..drinking..it was hobbile death..but thats ..what he wanted to do..at the moment over here its mew-cat..is the new drug of choice

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