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Tennessee Passes Legislation to Criminally Prosecute DrugAddicted Pregnant

Tennessee Passes Legislation to Criminally Prosecute Drug–Addicted Pregnant … Tennessee's legislature gave its approval a bill that would criminalize some drug-addicted pregnant women, depending on the outcome of their pregnancy. The bill, if signed into law, would allow prosecutors to charge a woman with an "assaultive offense … Read more… Continue reading

Campaign to Stop Drug Babies Bill Came Too Late

Campaign to stop drug babies bill came too late But as noisy as it was — and as much as the doctors and nurses who treat babies born to drug-addicted mothers seemed united in the view that the law was a terrible idea — the outrage came too late. It… Continue reading

What Resources Are Available Tp Drug Addict to Help Him or Her Begin Recovery From a Drug Addiction?

...  by : what resources are available tp drug addict to help him or her begin recovery from a drug addiction? Best answer: Answer by BoltCall your local health deparment and ask. Most larger communities have some kind of program. Alternatively, talk to your doctor about in-patient care facilities.… Continue reading

Why Cant Drug Addiction Programs Reduce Drug Abuse?

...  by zach m: Why cant drug addiction programs reduce drug abuse? I have to do a health debate on why drug addiction programs cant reduce drug abuse. any ideals Best answer: Answer by rhonda ki have dealt with people addicted my whole life and the stuff i have seen… Continue reading

Servants of God Can Tackle Drug Problem?

...  of God can tackle drug problem? Clarence Lee, 43, was a guest at Crossroads Christian Center as part of its weekly Invade youth ministry. … A drug court also recently was established to place more emphasis on treatment instead of jail for some lower level narcotics users and dealers.… Continue reading

From Draft Bust to Ministry and Motivational Speaking: The Redemption of

From draft bust to ministry and motivational speaking: The redemption of … He was better known for the problems he created because of his addiction to drugs and alcohol. In 2003 he was suspended for four games by the NFL for violating the league's substance-abuse policy. While he was serving… Continue reading