Suboxone…now What Do I Do?

Question by BaBaoooMowMow: Suboxone…now what do I do?
Hello All. I feel awful stupid doing this but here goes…. I have been a member of YA since spring or so. During this time I wrote several answers to people who were caught in the throws of addiction. The irony is that during this time i was a raging norco addict. Well today it all came to head. I burned through my meds waaaaaay too fast and I went to the doctor’s office to get more. This would be two weeks before I was due. Knowing this I decided to pull some BS and steal part of my chart with my last script so I could get more. But I was caught. I know I deserved to go to jail or at the least be kicked from my doctor’s office. But instead they sat down with me and talked about my addiction and how it can make good people do really bad things. Just to clarify I really think of myself as a pretty good person, im the father of two and have a wife of 21 years. I started taking painkillers for a herniated disk. But as summer went on I started taking more and taking them when I really didnt need pain relief. To give you an idea of the scale I would take 5 10/325 norco’s at a time and sometimes I would take as many as 7 10/325!

In hindsight I’m very glad this happened as norco was making me a not very good person and made me change and turn into someone I didn’t like.

Now I’m sure your all saying “where is the question”… I can’t say I started this post for an answer, I think I started it as a release. I know what I need to do, I now know how Im going to do it. I guess I would like to know if anyone else out there has faced what i’m facing.

This is a strange road for me as I have always been the “Excessive” type and have enjoyed smoking pot for almost 30 years. I just never got hooked like this did to me. I appreciate everyones input and would love to find some support ideas. I live in Michigan near Detroit.

Shit, that would explain why it made me soooo damn sick! Well crap. I will start weening myself of suboxone today. I will go strait to 1/2 tab for my next dose and do the 3 day ramp from there. OMG thanks soooo much for letting me know this. I don’t want to end up worse than I was before.
I tried the link and it didn’t work. Is there somewhere else I can try? Thanks!

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Answer by Lone
You have just made the biggest mistake of your life.

suboxone might seem like a good idea at the moment but you are in for a really rude awakening.

Are you aware that suboxone is 50 times stronger than morphine and lasts 10 times as long? Guess what that is going to do for your addiction?

Shoot, even the rehabs are advertising here on YA to help people get off suboxone.

If you thought you had a problem with hydrocodone, you have not seen anything yet.

maybe this site can save you

I was juts like you, went on sub unknowing what it was doing to me, and I suffered for 14 months of withdrawal coming off it.

Answer by John Weelsen
Suboxone it’s a very strongly drug… like heroin…

I’d like to say next: forgot about drugs… find anything what will be so interesting for you…. sport, cars, do something for yourself… find interesting things for you and you find way of your life…

it is not one of buther tips… it’s try to help …

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