Heroin Addicts Seeking Sobriety Face Barriers to Receiving Treatment

Heroin addicts seeking sobriety face barriers to receiving treatment
DiRenzo spent years trying to get help for him, but was denied for many reasons – she was constantly told she didn’t meet the "criteria" for treatment centers, she even got turned away from emergency rooms because doctors say alcohol withdrawal …
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'This is a public health problem – addiction is a chronic illness.'
Richman said the State currently has four inpatient addiction facilities, one in Sussex County, one in Wilmington and two in the Delaware City area. Additionally, the State runs a detox facility in Kirkwood. … “The overall goal of the program is to …
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Man shares intimate struggle with addiction
Addicted to cocaine by the age of 20 and hooked on heroin and opiate-based painkillers by the age of 23, MacNeil was a graduate of six inpatient drug treatment programs by the time he arrived at the Serenity House in Wallingford earlier this month.
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