Are There Any Doctors in Oklahoma City That Uses Hypnosis for Drug Addiction?

Question by williefields45: are there any doctors in oklahoma city that uses hypnosis for drug addiction?

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Answer by Lynne B
I know this doesn’t answer you question but there is something else you might want to look into too. It is called EFT & it can be done over the phone it is so easy & powerfull effective. I haven’t used it for addiction but I have a son that died after years of addiction. I used it for grief etc. You can look it up on the interned & put EFT Gary Craig in the search & you will find practitioners from there. If you can’t afford them ask or tell them what you can afford but keep opening to recieve help. I wish you the best.

Answer by typochinko
I don’t know of any dr.s that use hypnosis, but I do know of a Dr. that uses alternative methods to treat drug addiction.
Dr. Howard Hagglund (once a conventional-methods dr, now an alternative methods dr.) treats a lot of patients, and is very successful w/ natural remedies. His drug addiction-treatments use vitamins, minerals, and other supplements to rid the body of both drugs and the patients’ craving/need for the drugs.
He can be contacted by:
1-888-297-4457 (toll-free # in OK City), and (spam-free address).
I hope you are successful w/ Dr. Hagglund.
All the best to you.

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