Control Shopping Addiction?

Question by Peace Love Vball and Sball: Control shopping addiction?
So I’m 15 and have a huge crave for clothes and makeup. I always feel I need something bit now im absolutely broke. Like zero bucks! And I can’t work cuz my mom wants me to focus on school and sports butbi get 10 bucks a week once school starts but I always spend it and i wanna save up for driving instructions!! Please help!

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Answer by Wasted0087
Don’t keep your Money in your wallet! I have a similar problem, except I don’t buy stuff for myself, I have a tendency to buy stuff that’s for everyone, or gift stuff. In order for me not to spend my Money I will put X number of Dollars or Euros (I’m in Germany, but shop American also) on my bookshelf and I put all my coins in a cup and just forget about all of it until I need it.

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