How to Understand Crack Cocaine Drug Addiction?

Question by John Horton: How to understand crack cocaine drug addiction?
Someone I know has a pretty bad crack cocaine addiction which is controlling her life.
She would go for days ” even with money ” and be fine. I know she always wanted us to have a tighter bond ” Mother and son ” and im sad because its so hard.

BUT she had been doing good and we got into this argument. and I really bashed he because she tweaked my car. She then… started buying.. and now the house she wants so badly.. can not be.

Was this all my fault ? I know they often make excuses to go out and use.

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Answer by Pocket Protecktor
When they’re trying to quit, anything would set them over the edge, and if it wasn’t you who upset her it would have been somebody else.

They do jump on any anxiety as an excuse to go out and use again, though, so it’s always wise not to rock the boat when they’re shaking from withdrawals.

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