Question by Lea Wade: I NEED SOMEONE/ANYONE’S HELP…?
Hey My Name is Lea. I’m 17 going to be 18 on April 12th. I’ve never done this before and I hate to complain but way past desperate… I was recently diagnosed with a disease called Systemic Lupus Erythematosus or (SLE). It’s an autoimmune disease, where your immune system attacks itself and eventually kills your organs one by one. I have already lost all my long curly blonde hair, which for a 17 year old girl is horrifying. I am now on treatment 3, I’ve tried Plaquenil, which 95% of patients respond but of course I’m the 5% who didn’t respond in a positive way.The SLE scale goes from 0-10, 0=in remission, and 10 equals horrible flare up. before i started the first treatment I was a 6 on the SLE scale, 1 month after my Plaquenil treatmeant I went from a 6 to a 12! Which is off the scale, which is FREAKING horrible. Then my second treatment was Methotrexate A.K.A. Chemotheropy. That still didn’t work so they upped the dose on the Chemotheropy. I’m still on this Chemotheropy treatment but it’s only getting worse, I am now immune to 8-9 antibiotics. I was so excited to hear about this new SLE treatment “Benlysta”. Benlysta has a huge succsess rate! I couldn’t stop crying I was so happy, but then I found out it costs $ 35,000 a year, because SLE is a life long disease that means $ 35,000 a year for the rest of my life (if I could afford it, let alone the first treatment/year.) I’ve wanted to become an Interior Designer ever since I was 9 years old. I’m a junior/senior in highschool. I’m in between both grades because I had to leave public highschool and become homeschooled because my immune system isn’t working so I get sick to easily. But some good new is I got accecpted into the the ART INSTITUTE OF CALIFORNIA the college I’ve wanted since I was about 12 years old haha. So it’s either college or possibly this new treatment. Basically, a short fufilled life with an amazing education for Interior Design, or a long life that’s unfufilled with no college education, which kills me to be so harsh but that’s my reality. I can’t stand the thought of choosing, so does anyone how I can raise money to pay for college & treatment so I can have a LONG & FUFILLED life? Please Help me…

Thank You for taking the time to hear me complain :/

Lea Wade
I haven’t been able to hold down the Chemotheropy pills so now I’m injecting myself every thursday… I need to raise money for this treatment so any ideas will be greatly appreciated… All I can do is pray for my savior to save me from my own body. I know God has a plan for me, but I hate this large part of his plan. But i trust the Lord and all the faith I have left in me is going to my Lord because I have all my trust in him…<3 Best answer:

Answer by angie g
Why do people think they can see the future?You are on a different road than planned u are only 17 u dowhat u have to do and play it out the best u can .Your life is number 1 do what u have to things change everyday,People die every minute and discoveries are made.Take one day at a time and live it to the best of ur ability be goodthe rest will follow and if it doesnt u will be ready for what comes next.My prayers go with u and if u believe put yourself in his hands

Answer by Mar
It’s really frustrating to know that there is such a treatment for Lupus but only the rich can afford. Anyway, even if you get one shot of it you don’t easily heal overnight, it will take a lot of sessions just like having chemotherapy where you should undergo a number of sessions and merely suffering the pain and agony of loosing your hairs and also deteriorates your health. This is because the treatment also eradicates the good as well as the bad cells of the body. Anyway, if you really need to be treated and raise enough money, you have to do research on all hospitals that offer charitable treatments on such ailments. There are foundations that offer free treatment with highly specialized doctors and the only thing you have to do is to write them. Don’t lose hope but instead have more faith in your capabilities and to our heavenly creator. There’s always hope if you try hard Lea, Good Luck!

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