Internet Access in Rehab?

Question by dovelin: Internet access in rehab?
Is internet access allowed while in rehab (drug and/or psychiatric)? I know it must depend on the center, but generally is it more of a yes or no? What are the limitations, etc? Or, could anybody direct me to a site where this info is discussed?


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Answer by raysny
Most drug rehabs don’t even allow phone calls from the immediate family for the first week or more.

Most (93%) rehabs are crash courses in AA/NA dogma, like re-education camps, they do not want distractions to their programs and severely limit outside contact.

A psych rehab can be very different. I know of one upscale psychiatric community in NC that has several computers for the clients.

If it is a rehab that is being paid for out of pocket or by insurance, if there is choice in picking the facility, the chances are better that there will be internet access. If the state is paying for it, if the person is mandated to attend, the chances are slim to none.

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