Is There Any Shops Near Metro Detroit That Sell Herbal Incense Blends?!?!?

Question by Eric: Is there any shops near metro Detroit that sell Herbal Incense Blends?!?!?
Hi, I am on probation and i get drug tested for Cannabis regularly. So recently i have been looking for “herbal incense blends” to consume. I have found many websites that shit it to you, but my Parents wouldn’t be okay with that. So what i am looking for is some shop that still sells the incense i am looking for. Any shop near the metro Detroit area would work. PLEASE HELP!!!

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Answer by D
I can’t be of any help with specific Detroit locations for it, but don’t be so sure that they do not test for “incense”.

I was on probation/in a court program that regularly tested. I came up positive and was given a week in jail as a sanction. Even though it was legal at the time (and still is in some formulations), it still violated the terms of the program.

Anyway, just a warning to be careful. ANY “herbal incense” CAN be tested for.

Answer by Keith
This is the health section, and so the only truthful answer would have to be, that smoking anything is damaging to your lungs and should be avoided at all costs.

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