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Drug Addiction Treatment Options With PPO Insurance

Drug Addiction Treatment Options with PPO Insurance – Call the toll free phone number of 877-929-9059 to discover your options on PPO Health Insurance in regards to affordable drug treatment. Currently PPO Healt…


Public attitudes and policy toward drug addiction shift
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49ers Linebacker Aldon Smith Arrested at Airport

49ers linebacker Aldon Smith arrested at airport
A fearsome pass-rushing specialist, Smith took a five-game leave of absence from the 49ers last season to undergo treatment for substance abuse. He rejoined the team Nov. 5. Smith played in a 27-7 home loss to the Indianapolis Colts on Sept. 22, two… Continue reading

State Highlights: Cash-Only Docs in Texas; Medicaid Funding in La.; Over-the

State Highlights: Cash-Only Docs In Texas; Medicaid Funding In La.; Over-The
Maine's severe restrictions on opioid painkillers for Medicaid patients, requiring many to instead seek alternative pain management treatment for the past year, have sharply reduced the number of people obtaining highly addictive medications blamed for …
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California Inpatient Treatment for Mental Health/addiction???

Question by Dan P: California Inpatient treatment for mental health/addiction???
I am looking for suggestions of facilities in California that can provide treatment and therapy for adhd, depression, anxiety, as well as evaluate chemical dependance. Most importantly I am not looking for a drug rehab center, but a place that… Continue reading

The New Face of Heroin

The New Face of Heroin
Yet even then, bouncing in the saddle, she was aware that being on the back of a horse provided relief from the boredom and isolation that, for her, were a more dominant part of growing up in Vermont than the snowcapped mountains and autumn foliage… Continue reading

Heroin Bills Signed Into Law

Heroin bills signed into law
Addicts that are referred to these centers would undergo an intake to determine the type of detox and treatment being requested and recommended. The opiate … The bill promotes the safe disposal of unused prescription and over-the-counter medicines by …
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