Prescription Drugs

The Physical and Emotional Affects of Drug Addiction?

Question by runeknight94: The Physical and Emotional Affects of Drug Addiction?
i have to do a report on this and i was wondering before i start on this section of the report if you could give me any helpful websites or advice or anything thats really helpful thanks….

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Does Anyone Know Anything About Prescription or Over the Counter (OTC) Drug Addictions?

Question by hondii: Does anyone know anything about prescription or Over the Counter (OTC) drug addictions?
Im doing a project for school about prescription and Over the Counter (OTC) drug addictions.
Does anyone know:
the more common drugs to get addicted to?
How often does this occur?
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Drug/ Alcohol Rehabilitation Centers in Southern California?

Question by : drug/ alcohol rehabilitation centers in southern california?
I want to find a rehab for my 19 year old brother who has an alcohol addiction and oxycontin addiction, i need to find one today and google is confusing me! so if anyone knows of any please answer!
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Bill Cirone: Warning Signs of Drug Use That All Parents Should Know

Bill Cirone: Warning Signs of Drug Use That All Parents Should Know
Many parents worry about their children experimenting with drugs, but very few parents know the warning signs that could indicate a child is actually abusing or addicted to drugs. It is powerful and important information. Addiction can ruin… Continue reading

Doctors, Medical Staff on Drugs Put Patients at Risk

Doctors, medical staff on drugs put patients at risk
America's prescription drug epidemic reaches deep into the medical community. Across the country, more than 100,000 doctors, nurses, technicians and other health professionals struggle with abuse or addiction, mostly involving narcotics such as …
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ADHD Prescription Drug Abuse: Teens!

ADHD Prescription Drug Abuse: Teens! – Teen Drug Abuse, or more specifically prescription drug abuse continues to rise. ADHD students in High School and College are selling or giving prescription …


Virginia to collect surplus prescription drugs Saturday
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