Were Can I Get Inpatient Drug Treatment in Alabama for Free?

Question by cynthia w: were can i get inpatient drug treatment in alabama for free?
i have a drug and alcohol problem.i need inpatient help or i’m going to die.. can any one help?i live in birmingham,alabama.i am homeless and that makes my addiction that much worse.i have tryed out patient and that did not work.PLEASE HELP ME!!!

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Answer by Benjamin
Go to the emergency room and say you are sick, they will do a tox screen when they draw you blood, the tox panel tests for most illegal drugs as well as some common prescription drugs. If you test positive they may put you in a state sponsored detox program as a result of an overdose.

Answer by Jocely
We help you find free inpatient drug rehab programs that can offer hope, help and the support you need to recover from addiction. Call our helpline.Find alcoholism and drug abuse rehabilitation and treatment facilities by state and city. … Alabama Treatment Centers (91) · Alaska Treatment Centers (51) · Arizona … If you went to a residential alcohol and drug rehab program, what aspect of the … National Drug and Treatment Referral Routing Service provides a toll-free ……….drug treatment waco

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