What Causes Psychosis and What Is the Treatment?

Question by Danzel: what causes psychosis and what is the treatment?
please explain carefully and in detail

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Answer by CastSam
When my grandma was in the hospital they said she had psychosis, due to not enough sunlight, not being out side. Treatments, hmm, probably go outside, and just in general relax, and talk to people.

Answer by alexyvettea
pshychosis is a loss of contact with reality. It starts with a chemical imbalance which trigured from stressful events usually or is layed dorment until the stressful situation happens. When i had a chemical imbalance, i started passing out, dazing off, and felt disconnected with the world around me which kind of feels like when you are sleeping and all of a sudden you can hear things being far away and you kind of jump out of it when you wake up. Psychosis to me is loosing control with my body and with reality. The events that led me to pscyhosis was the stressful situation that sort of pulled my mind in different directions when i was detached from the world and in a dream world. My mind was on another plane field, and i thought everybody was talking about me and from not getting help. After passing out and not remembering what the hell was going on at a mexican restaurant i was with..with my parents, i fell asleep in the car..awakened by mind just being stretched in different directions and distorted sounds being echoed in the back of my mind. Once that happened i layed and went to sleep. I woke up with thoughts of a conspiracy. My mind was playing tricks on me. At that point i became dillusional, i was loosing touch with reality. I ran away with couple of thousands of dollars at which i had to stop and my mind just couldn’t get out of deep thought. It was terrible but that’s a little bit of psychosis i mentioned there to give you an idea. Antidepressants are the treatment, or for me mood stabilizers. There are also antiphyschotics. It depends on what is being treated and what medication works for you. Medication effects everybody differently because everybodys’ brain chemistry is different. This medication works through our liver.

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