What Do You Know About Rehab? in Particular How to They Treat Cocaine Addiction and Sex Addiction?

Question by jakek812: What do you know about rehab? In particular how to they treat cocaine addiction and sex addiction?
So I’m working on a script that’s supposed to cover this topic and I want to make it as authentic as possible. Any information about procedures in rehab, what the average day is like for a person in rehab and how the treatment works, especially for those two disorders, would be extraordinarily helpful. Both personal experiences and links to other sources would be happily accepted.

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Answer by d1zy
though i don’t know about the specifics of treating those two drugs i do know this.

treatments often keep patients in limbo. pacified. maybe sleeping a lot, or eating in front of the tv. so their daily life becomes a monotonous whitewash of daytime tv and doritos.

addicts are alert, politically aware and living the law of the jungle in a survival situation. sooner or later, out of boredom, the rehab cases will skip meds to go out for some fun.

Answer by …and the crowd goes wild!
I went to drug rehab. First thing you’ve got to pack a bag with about a weeks worth of clothes, no razors allowed unless they are electric. Then you go and wait for hours until the doctor will see you, after they do an extensive search of you and your belongings. They give you a drug screen and depending what shows up, it’s off to either rehab or detox if just marijuana then you would go to rehab. Coke, and crack heads spent like 3-4 days in detox. Detox sucks b/c they won’t let you smoke, they have restricted the tv channels so there is nothing to watch but the weather channel, pretty much there is nothing to do but read and talk to your roommate.

Then they let you out into the general population of rehab. The first day is pretty relaxed, you get to smoke again. Everybody in rehab is a chain smoker. They give you an antidepressant if you are coming off of coke, usually. They wake you up at like 6 am breakfast at 7 then it’s med time. Then off to your first meeting of the day. (everyone is given a schedule) Then another. some are AA some are NA, but they are all very religion based. I felt like I was going to church. Then it’s about lunchtime at 12 so you eat. Oh there is coffee everywhere but the only coffee with caffeine is in the cafeteria. Then it was time for group therapy, oh what a joy this was. The first one of these they told me “you gotta cry, you gotta just let it all out”. I got the feeling that everybody in my group hadn’t really been raped by their uncle or dad, and was just making it up to get a higher star rating when they graduated. We got rated on a scale of 1-4 stars upon graduating. P.e. or physical education was next where you walk around in circle in the gym or play ping pong for an hour. Then it is dinner time at 6, and we finished off the day with the graduation ceremony thing after that where everybody that was graduating stood up gave a stupid speech then went right out on the street and bought another rock, or to a halfway house.

All in all it is about 2.5 weeks for coke spent in the facility.
They keep the boys and girls completely separated except in detox too I guess they feel like we were too sick to even think about making sweet luvin with the toothless crack head, this may be a major flaw in your book.

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