What’s the Difference Between a Psychologist and Psychiatrist?

Question by dragonfirenova IsMyMainYimTag: What’s the difference between a psychologist and psychiatrist?
And how would I go about finding them in my area?
Also how would I go about finding a marriage counsellor?

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A psychiatrist can prescribe drugs. In my experience, psychologists are better at the counseling aspect of therapy. Most psychiatrists just want to throw drugs at you and get you out the door. As far as marriage counseling, just put in a web search for it in your area (example: if your looking for it in Detroit, look for “marriage counseling detroit”. Best of luck 🙂

Answer by What
These are medically trained Doctors who have chosen to specialise in treating mental disorders. The only ones qualified to prescribe medication. Some psychiatrists have undergone extra training in therapy and offer similar things to psychologists or psychotherapists.

Anyone who has obtained a Psychology degree is entitled to call themselves a Psychologist. However, there are many different kinds of Psychologist, and the people who are qualified to offer therapy are usually called Clinical Psychologists or Counselling Psychologists. These people undergo an extra 3 year training which usually qualifies them up to a Doctorate level. This can be a little confusing as they are Doctors of Psychology, not medicine. They are usually trained in a variety of different therapies and are in a good position to assess you for the type of therapy you might need, and often are able to provide it.

Yellow Pages are useful to find out local counsellors, or just type your area into google and ‘marriage counsellors’ next to it

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