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Wilderness Works

Wilderness works
His son, Christian, age 15, participated in the wilderness program at SUWS of the Carolinas in Old Fort last year. SUWS is one of several local and regional organizations that use …. Lewis recently completed another study, in collaboration with Four …
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Anyone Know of Any Christian Rehab Programs in the Dallas Area?

Question by Lynnmarie: Anyone know of any Christian rehab programs in the Dallas area?
for drug/alcohol abuse, etc.

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Answer by aggiemom2000
Central Hills, La Hacienda, and others are listed as “within Dallas Area.” Type Christian rehab in Dallas, TX into a search and this should bring up some… Continue reading

Withdrawing From Injecting Heroin, Massachusetts?

Question by CCC: Withdrawing from Injecting Heroin, Massachusetts?
Is there a way to get into a rehabilitation facility without any insurance ? The person is from MA which does have mandatory Health Ins but she just got fired, and has no ins currently, any thoughts or knowledge would be appreciated.… Continue reading

Substance Abuse Treatment Question From a Nonabuser?

Question by fpm: substance abuse treatment question from a nonabuser?
I’m considering a career in substance abuse education, treatment, and prevention. I have just recently seen an episode on meth addicts and it basically painted a bleak picture for them. Some that are recovering or “rehabilitated” still fight the urges… Continue reading

Does Anyone Know of a Good Residental Drug Rehab Center Either in the U.S. or Canada?

Question by SHELTIELUVER: Does anyone know of a good residental drug rehab center either in the U.S. or Canada?
Have you gone to one or had a family member or friend that has? I’m looking for a place that is reasonably priced. I can only pay maybe $ 13,000 at… Continue reading

Drug Rehab Center Boston | Detox in Boston | Drug Rehab Center Boston

Drug Rehab Center Boston | Detox in Boston | Drug Rehab Center Boston – http://boston.alcoholismrecoverycenter.com/detox-in-boston/ Substance Abuse Rehab Boston offers a highly customized detox process, however, there are three b…


ACC: HEAT PPCI Burns Angiomax
The researchers treated the patients, evenly assigning them to either of the study drugs,… Continue reading