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How Much Does Hep C Treatment (Such as Interferon and Ribavirin, ETC…) Cost Without Insurance?

Question by lindseyw: How much does Hep C treatment (such as Interferon and ribavirin, ETC…) cost without insurance?
Please only answer if you have experience or useful knowledge. Any info on good assistance programs and ideas for “in the mean time” supplements that would be beneficial (i know there are… Continue reading

I’m Looking for a Humanistic Residential Treatment Program for Teenage Alcoholics. Can Anyone Help ?

Question by Jonathan V: I’m looking for a humanistic residential treatment program for teenage alcoholics. Can anyone help ?
17 year old girl, we live inmassachusetts, willing to travel

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Answer by branddxb
why not get a presecription for antabuse. you can just NOT drink then.

Answer by REED… Continue reading

How Can I Find Drug Rehabs in California? Coachella, Specifically.?

Question by arlette p: How can I find drug rehabs in California? Coachella, specifically.?
We’ve recently just moved here. I’m not familiar with the place yet. I just really need to find a drug rehab for my daughter. She’s been a really good girl, which is why it’s such a… Continue reading

How Does Hiv Affect Buma?

Question by tiffanykurl3: How does Hiv affect Buma?
I am doing a presentation. So i need lots of info and facts and maybe statistics
1. Education
2. Poverty/ employments status
3. mobility/ migration
4. access to health services.

Basically how does those contribute to the spread of Hiv in Burma.… Continue reading

Houston Alcohol Rehab Detox _ 877 648 1344 _ Houston Alcoholism Intervention Counseling

Houston Alcohol Rehab Detox _ 877 648 1344 _ Houston Alcoholism Intervention Counseling – drug “free drug rehab” “teen drug rehab” “holistic drug rehab” “drug rehab programs” “drug addiction rehab” “inpatient drug rehab” “drug rehab treatment” “dr…


Letter: Treat drug addiction as a health-care issue, not a criminal one… Continue reading

Does Anyone Know of a Free Drug Rehab Center in Alabama or One of It’s Surrounding States?

Question by Carrie W: Does anyone know of a free drug rehab center in Alabama or one of it’s surrounding states?
A friend of mine in Alabama is addicted to heroin and has finally decided it’s time to get help. The only problem is he doesn’t have insurance or the… Continue reading