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What Is Your Personal Definition of Addiction?

Question by : What is your personal definition of addiction?
I am doing a project for my addictions class, almost everyone has gone through an addiction or knows a loved one who has. (This includes drugs, alcohol, shopping, self-harm, eating disorder, anything that has an aspect of addicting characteristics) Your… Continue reading

Bill Cirone: Warning Signs of Drug Use That All Parents Should Know

Bill Cirone: Warning Signs of Drug Use That All Parents Should Know
Many parents worry about their children experimenting with drugs, but very few parents know the warning signs that could indicate a child is actually abusing or addicted to drugs. It is powerful and important information. Addiction can ruin… Continue reading

Who Does Drug Abuse Affect Mostly Between Teens, Adults and the Elderly?

Question by chante t: who does drug abuse affect mostly between teens, adults and the elderly?
i need an answer to my question for homework asap some one please respond quickly

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Answer by Brian
Drug abuse effects us all. The age groups who have the highest incidence of… Continue reading

Suboxone…now What Do I Do?

Question by BaBaoooMowMow: Suboxone…now what do I do?
Hello All. I feel awful stupid doing this but here goes…. I have been a member of YA since spring or so. During this time I wrote several answers to people who were caught in the throws of addiction. The irony is… Continue reading

How Many Aids Deaths in Usa in 2005?

Question by rjsandpas: how many aids deaths in usa in 2005?

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Answer by Whispers of the Winds
Check out the aids epidemic update link below…

2005} Adult and child deaths due to AIDS: 30 000 [19 000–42 000]

Is It Possible to Cure Drug Addiction?

Question by : Is it possible to cure drug addiction?

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Answer by Sam P
Oh Absolutely! I had it bad with Hydrocodone years ago. I was taking like 20, 500mg pills a day. It was tough! But I did it without rehab.

Answer by Aries
the best is… Continue reading